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About Us

Who We Are
Largest privately owned Bank in Portugal
Millennium investment banking is the investment banking division of Banco Comercial Português, S.A., the largest Portuguese banking group listed on Euronext Lisbon.
Know how in Financial Advisory
We present a strong track-record of investment banking deals in the main sectors, of which we would like to highlight the numerous successful deals in energy and infrastructure. Several of those deals have been awarded internationally with the “Deal of the Year” award.
Experience and Dedication
We are an experienced, qualified and competent team which will work with you with maximum professionalism, following standards of excellence. Our commitment is to develop close relationships with our Clients, presenting them with innovative tailor made solutions.
Markets Diversity
We develop our activity in close articulation with the banking group of which we are part of, benefiting from its widespread network: the largest privately held bank in Portugal, the largest bank in Mozambique and very relevant positions in Angola and Poland, plus a historical and renewed presence in Brazil and China. In the regions we target, we established several meaningful partnerships with entities in the public and private sectors which are a lever to our activity.
Relationship with Investors and Multilateral Institutions
We developed and continue to promote a close relationship with the main institutional investors, contributing to enhance our capacity to operate across regions and sectors. We operate in close relationship with Export Credit Agencies and International Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), which are critical for the development of some projects, especially in Emerging Markets. ​​​​​​