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About Us


Experience, dedication and commitment, translates through our investment banking team into an extensive set of operations completed with success in different geographies, sectors and products.​
André Navarro
Head of Millennium investment banking
Joana Mayer
Executive Assistant
Coverage International & Institutionals
Joaquim Cavaco
Deputy Head of Millennium investment banking & Head of Coverage Internacional & Institutionals
Rogério Araújo
Head of Coverage Angola
José António Ferreira Gomes
Head of Coverage Mozambique
João Couto
Head of Coverage Private Banking
Miguel Santos Costa
Head of Coverage Institutionals Real Estate
Nuno Torcato
Senior Manager Coverage Institutionals
Rita Mendes Coelho
Senior Manager Coverage Poland
Tomás Ribeiro Rosa
Client Coverage Portugal - North
Nuno Soares
Head of Client Coverage Portugal - North
Carlos Rodrigues
Administrative Assistant
Ivone Teixeira
Manager Client Coverage Portugal - North
Client Coverage Portugal - South
Pedro Oliveira
Head of Client Coverage Portugal - South
João Carlos Gonçalves
Executive Director Client Coverage Portugal - South
António Siqueira
Senior Manager Client Coverage Portugal - South
Corporate Finance
Alexandra Viana
Head of Corporate Finance
Inês Conceição
Senior Manager Corporate Finance
Nuno Mendes
Senior Manager Corporate Finance
Paulo Santos
Senior Manager Corporate Finance
João Flores
Senior Associate Corporate Finance
Luís Mendes João
Senior Associate Corporate Finance
Priscilla Carneiro
Senior Associate Corporate Finance
Isabel Sousa
Senior Associate Corporate Finance
Mário Cardoso
Senior Associate Corporate Finance
Bernardo Lopo
Associate Corporate Finance
Weiqing Wu
Associate Corporate Finance
Ana Catarina Gomes
Luís Ricciardi
Nuno Machado
Structured Finance
Nuno Salgado Santos
Head of Structured Finance
Vitor Xavier
Executive Director Structured Finance I
Júlio Bernardes Coelho
Executive Director Structured Finance II
Duarte França
Executive Director Structured Finance III
Osvaldo de Sá
Manager Structured Finance II
Nuno Jorge Santos
Senior Associate Structured Finance I
Xiaole Dai
Associate Structured Finance I
Cristina Charneco
Manager Structured Finance III
Project Finance
Sérgio Santos
Head of Project Finance
Luís Abrantes
Manager Lending
Ana Nunes
Manager Lending
Álvaro Imaginário
Manager Advisory
Hélder Rolim
Manager Advisory
Capital Markets
Cristina Andrade
Head of Capital Markets
João Guint
Senior Manager Debt Capital Markets
João Fonseca
Manager Equity Capital Markets
Andreia Vieira
Senior Associate Bonds
Cristiana Dias
Associate Commercial Paper
Industry Coverage
Bárbara Ferreira
Head of Industry Coverage
Client Strategic Review
Ana Cristina Carmo
Head of Client Strategic Review