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About Us

Millennium bcp
Over 30 years of history
Millennium bcp group has over 30 years of history. It started operating in 1985 and became a history of success, benefiting from the opening and development of the Portuguese financial system.

In the last three decades, we have been serving our Clients, individuals and companies, supporting their projects and presenting them with solutions adapted to their needs, innovating in our products and services in order to anticipate the market trends.
The largest privately held bank in Portugal
Since its foundation, Banco Comercial Português has become the largest privately held bank in Portugal, having a relevant position in its other core markets, as well. Today, Banco Comercial Português is a respected institution operating under the Millennium trademark.
Innovation and Excellence
What motivated founding Millennium bcp and what fueled its growth was Millennium bcp's excellence and commitment to its Clients. Our commitment in creating value through banking and financial products and services, delivering them with the highest standards of quality and corporate responsibility, is a core value to Millennium bcp group.

Millennium bcp, which in several moments has been the benchmark in the development of the Portuguese banking sector, has as its motto “Go beyond, do better, and serve our Client”. Millennium bcp is a market leader in several segments of the Portuguese market and a respected institution internationally.
Market Diversity
In addition to having a strong position in the Portuguese market, Millennium bcp group is also a respected institution in the rest of Europe and in Africa, because of its banks in Poland, Mozambique and Switzerland. In Angola, Banco Millennium Angola merged with Banco Privado Atlântico. Millennium bcp group also operates in Macao through its onshore branch.

All the subsidiaries and business units of the group develop its activity under Millennium brand. Millennium bcp is focused in retail banking in Portugal and in other countries in which a relevant competitive position is sustainable in the long run. ​